Making of Land Rover Xmas Viral

Ben Bannister and the crew shot this 40” viral over two days. Here we are on the first day setting up. The surface of the cake used for some of the driving wide shots was made out of a board of roughly 4’ x 4’ (to the left of the picture)

Gail Smith (AD), Ben Bannister (Director)
Although seamless when viewing the final film, there were 3 different scale cars used throughout the shoot – 1:18, 1:32 and 1:68 scale models. Most of the action was shot on a 4’ x 4’ mock up of our hero Christmas cake. The bevel on the model was important in mimicking the real cake.

Two cameras were used to create alternative driving shots and scenes; A Camera was a Canon D5 that allowed us to shoot stop frame but also live action. B Camera was a Nikon D300 which we used exclusively to shoot stop frame.

Icing sugar and salt gave us the snow, which in turn gave us realistic snow track marks and sparkle

Ben Bannister applies icing sugar and salt to our hero Christmas Cake.

DP Peter Bathurst frames up on B Camera. Chris Dodds (1st AC) checks focus on A Camera which for this sequence was controlled by the Jackson Woodburn Revolver Motion Control System.

The cutting of the cake (after much deliberation) required a steady hand by Steve Short (Master props)– particularly 18 hours into the second day of shooting